Your Future Hinges on Your Lawyer's Argument

You'll need a seasoned theft lawyer on your side in the Gatesville, TX area

In Texas, theft crimes carry steep penalties like imprisonment and hefty fines. Certain crimes like breaking and entering are considered felonies, resulting in even harsher penalties. A theft lawyer at The Law Office of Paul S. Harrell can help minimize the consequences.

Meeting with attorney Harrell in Gatesville, TX should be the first thing you do. During your consultation, we'll discuss...

  • Your side of the story
  • The circumstances of your arrest
  • Legal defenses for robbery and burglary

Next, our team of paralegals will begin assisting attorney Harrell with your case. You can anticipate going to court with a well-informed burglary lawyer. Set up a meeting with attorney Harrell today to get started.

He fought for our country. Now he fights for you.

He fought for our country. Now he fights for you.

Mr. Harrell is a former U.S. Marine and a distinguished theft lawyer based in Gatesville, TX. Having successfully defended clients in municipal bench trials and felony jury trials, attorney Harrell is well-qualified to represent you.

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